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Your Own Personal "Business-In-A-Box"
And It Is Radically Different

Seniority Pay is here!

And it will Totally Revolutionize How You Make Money.

Downline Farm works as a combination Home Business & Retirement Plan.

As our company grows, so does your income, AUTOMATICALLY!

Just as in a Retirement Plan, your money grows WITH TIME.

The longer you stay active, the more your income will grow.

But, unlike retirement plans, you don't have to wait Years to start receiving payments.

The home based business you have been Blessed to find today is what is known as a "Referral Builder" (or Downline Builder).

We are an Online Marketing System. We help people who are involved in Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing (MLM) build their business.

If you are not currently working one of these affiliate or MLM businesses, don't worry, we have scoured the industry to find only The Best of these opportunities, and you will be able to join them from within Downline Farm.

  • Revolutionary New Built-From-Scratch, Seniority Based, Compensation Plan that will put all other pay plans To Shame!
  • EVERYONE Earns. Nobody gets left behind. You WILL earn with us, as long as you remain active, even if you can't refer a single person. Failure is IMPOSSIBLE, because:
  • For the first time ever, Your success is BUILT INTO the program as a system function. (Scroll down to take a peek at our Seniority-Based Compensation Plan)

  • Multiple Income Streams without the multiple Costs of promoting each program separately. Grow your downlines in multiple programs while promoting just ONE link. (Scroll down for a list of our main programs).
  • Plant Up To 3 Of Your Own Current Programs Here. No longer will you be restricted to only promote the downline builder's pre-loaded programs.

  • Get Founding Member status in EZbiz.co, a company with a revolutionary new system that will forever transform the Home Based Business industry, as well as Affiliate Marketing and MLM and Online Shopping. EZbiz.co will pay it's affiliates based on their Seniority, which means it will be IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL. As a member of Downline Farm You can lock up a Top Seniority Position BEFORE the Launch.

  • Free access to the MONEY FROM NOTHING system, which seamlessly integrates any PTC and Online Surveys business into the Downline Farm MLM downline builder, thereby increasing your earnings potential Tenfold vs PTC and Surveys alone. Make the Big Network Marketing money without the hassle of promoting ANY MLM company. The Ideal Online Business for beginners and entrepreneurs on a budget. A system so Easy that even a child could do it. And it's 100% FREE!

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  • Even Free Members Earn Money Online With Us!- Nobody else pays Matching Bonuses to free members, NOBODY!

  • Massive Viral Exposure. Your referred members will promote YOUR programs.

  • Massive Traffic Generation - Grow large downlines in popular website traffic generation programs and watch your Advertising Credits Skyrocket. Get referrals to your Traffic Exchanges, Viral Mailers and Safelists the easy way, without promoting them seperately.

  • Affiliate Pass Through - If members below you do not enter their ID for programs You promote, their referrals will pass up to You.

  • Instant Marketing System for programs you promote. Does your program offer a built in, Cannot-Help-But-Make-Money pay plan? Plant your Affiliate or MLM program in Downline Farm and set your business apart from the rest of the Home Based Business Opportunities on the planet!

  • Access To Valuable Content on Online Marketing, Health, Finances, Personal Development and more.

  • Customization - Upgraded (Gold) members can further customize their downline builder by hiding programs they don't want to promote.

  • More Awesome Features for upgraded members than what you see listed here.


Downline Farm's New
Seniority Pay

Compensation Plan

(4 Income Streams)

1. Retail Commissions:

  • You earn a 10% Retail Commission on all subscriptions and purchases made by Affiliates referred by you.
  • There are NO qualification requirements whatsoever to earn Retail Commissions. Even FREE members earn- it's YOUR referral, YOUR sale, YOUR commission - Forever.

2. Tru-Share* Profit Sharing Commissions:

  • 25% of revenue from subscriptions and product sales are placed into the profit sharing pool.
  • Those funds are divided into the total number of shares earned by all members. This determines the dollar value of each share for that month.
  • EVERY upgraded member gets a piece of the pie, not just the elite, like other pay plans.

This is how you earn shares:

You get 1 share just for being Active (upgraded) to get you started earning money even if you haven't referred anyone yet. This makes it practically IMPOSSIBLE for upgraded members to Not make money. You are considered Active if you have a Gold subscription during the month.

Shares are earned by referring members as follows:

Your Total

Active Referrals

Shares Earned

For The Month

0 1
1 to 2 2
3 to 4 4
5 or More 5

** Only your "Active" (Upgraded) Members earn you Shares

Seniority Share Multiplier

animated fireworks photo: Fireworks Fireworks.gif

This is our Biggest Breakthrough. It makes it virtually Impossible to Not make money,

and Automatically Grows your income.

All of the shares you earn are multiplied by a factor that is

Determined by Your Seniority as an Affiliate:

Seniority Multiplier Chart


  1. If you have earned 5 Shares, and 250 new Affiliates have signed up after you, your Share Multiplier is 2, therefore you will have 10 total shares that month.
  2. If you have earned 5 Shares, and 4000 new Affiliates have signed up after you, your Share Multiplier is 4, therefore you will have 20 total shares that month.
  3. If you have earned 5 Shares, and 5000 new Affiliates have signed up after you, your Share Multiplier is 5, therefore you will have 25 total shares that month.

It makes no difference who sponsored the affiliates that sign up after you, they ALL count. Free members DO count for this calculation. This makes the Entire Company ONE BIG TEAM, all working together, top to bottom, to grow the Company Wide Profit Sharing Pool. A pool that EVERY ACTIVE affiliate shares in, from the Top Dog to the very Newest member.


3. Matching Bonus Commissions:

  • Gold Members get a 100% Matching Bonus on Profit Share earnings of your personally referred Affiliates.
  • Free Members get a 10% Matching Bonus on Profit Share earnings of your personally referred Affiliates, (Nobody Esle pays matching bonuses to Free members. NOBODY!.

4. Commissions From Programs In The Downline Builder:

Because we are PRIMARILY a Downline Builder and Marketing System, and because we will be keeping our subscription price at an affordable level, you will not get rich from Downline Farm. That is not our mission. Our mission, and our main service is to Grow Your Downlines In Your Affiliate Programs. Whether that program has the potential to make you rich is beyond our control. Our flagship program, AIOP, is hands down one the the best network marketing opportunities ever created.

For additional details of the compensation plan Click Here

Features Chart

Feature Free Members Gold
Price Free $7 Per Month
Add Your Own Programs No
3 Programs
Retail Commissions
(On Subscriptions)
10% 10%
Profit Sharing Commissions

Matching Bonus

10% 100%
Access To
Founding Member Status
In EZbiz.co
No Yes
Free Ad Co-op
We promote your link
No Yes
Customize Your Programs
No Yes
Random Referrals
From Admin Sign-ups
No Yes

Why You NEED Downline Farm:

1. Trying to promote your MLM or Affiliate opportunity to other entrepreneurs is an insurmountable uphill climb. They do not want to hear about YOUR Opportunity, they are trying to sign you up to THEIRS. With Downline Farm you will be offering them a solution. You do not have to convince them on YOUR Opportunity, just talk to them about THEIR MLM and how you can help them build it with Downline Farm. Once you have established a relationship with your team members, you can talk to them about your main program.

2. Catch 22: You are just starting out, so you have not made any money; Your prospect asks you how much money you have made, and your answer is Zero. You can not sign anybody up because you have not made any money, and you cannot make any money because you have not signed anybody up. The greatest tool a network marketer can ever have is a commission check he can show to a prospect. Our compensation plan makes it virtually Impossible to not earn a steadily growing income. You WILL have earnings to show your prospects, even if they're not huge.

3. In MLM even if you are good at recruiting and mange to sign up a few reps, they usually quit and drop out faster than you can recruit new ones. But once they start earning commissions with Downline Farm, and they see that their income is growing every month, they'll stick around.

Programs List:
These companies have been carefully chosen based on their
effectiveness, value, integrity and other important attributes.
This is only a Partial list. More programs inside.

Income Programs

All In One Profits
All the marketing tools
you need for 90% Less

EZbiz.co Extra Income. Extra Easy
(Launching Soon)

WeeklylCO Exciting New Way to enter the
RED HOT Cryptocurreny
Gold Rush

Traffic Generation Programs
EasyHits4U 1,000,000 + Members to view your ads
Sweeva Where everyone views Your site at the same time
Explosive Traffic Get Traffic from Thousands
of traffic exchanges
List Joe Socially Profitable Email Marketing
Click Voyager Your Quest For
Free Traffic
State Of The Art Mailer Email Marketing Evolved
Viral List Builder Plus The Future Of Viral
List Builders
Viral Banner Ad Co-op Your Banners On Over 1300 Advertising Sites
Traffic Splash 170,000 Members To
See Your Ads
Loot Clicks Earn Advertising credits down 15 Levels
Ad Troopers 25,000 free mailing credits when you join

Paid To Click (PTC) Programs:
  • ClixSense
  • NeoBux
  • Ojooo
  • Wordlinx
  • (more programs inside)

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